%HTMLlat1; ]> Java2me news http://news.java2me.org/ News about Java 2 Micro Edition en J2ME Polish http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=57 A great tool for a j2me developer: J2ME PolishWhat is J2ME Polish?J2ME Polish is suite of tools for creating "polished" J2ME applications. Each too.. (50 words) mSwing http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=56 microSwing (now mSwing) is a midp2.0 user interface framework that enable developers to create sophisticated gui application for j2me midp2.0.Why m.. (130 words) Nokia, Vodafone push to unify mobile Java http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=55 Nokia and Vodafone have launched an initiative to simplify and help unify mobile Java standards and applications. The two companies hope to drive d.. (124 words) mjabber | The J2ME Jabber Instant-Messaging Client for Java enabled Mobiles http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=54 "mJabber is an instant messaging client for mobile phones, PDA or other wireless devices. It is written in J2ME. You can send and receive messages .. (62 words) Home Page | Tipic http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=53 "TIMP is a scalable and secure Instant Messaging Server for Windows 2000 and XP based on the Open XMPP/Jabber(TM) Protocol. TIMP is ideal for compa.. (90 words) develop{net} - J2ME mobile solutions http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=52 "kCommand is an ultra-lightweight generic command architecture that provides a simple and effective mechanism for J2ME clients to execute remote co.. (30 words) Antenna Home http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=51 "Antenna provides a set of Ant tasks suitable for developing wireless Java applications targeted at the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). W.. (96 words) Jason Lam's WebSite :: jasonlam604 :: http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=50 Jason Lam released the version 0.5.5  of his free book "This book is about programming with J2ME on wireless devices with focus on developing games.. (181 words) Softwired Inc. Pure Java messaging solutions for electronic business http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=49 "Architecture The JMS Provider is a backend J2EE component that implements the JMS API and manages the messages between the Gateway and the backend.. (127 words) Nokia Developer's Suite 2.1 for J2ME http://news.java2me.org/?itemid=48 "Nokia Developer's Suite 2.1 for J2ME Nokia Developer's Suite for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Version 2.1 provides developers with utilitie.. (136 words)